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Nikka Coffey Gin - 70cl


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Modern Gin

In this section, we highlight a selection of exceptional gins that use innovative production techniques or unusual ingredients (or both) to give the spirit a contemporary twist.

This Japanese gin by whisky maker Nikka is made from a base of corn and malted barley that have been distilled in the group’s famed Coffey still. In additional to traditional gin botanicals, Nikka Coffey Gin uses Japanese citrus including yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu and shikuwasa, as well as sanshō pepper. The botanicals are steeped in three batches according to their flavour profiles; the resulting botanical spirits are then redistilled separately in pot stills before being blended together.

Suggested serves: Nikka Coffey Gin makes an excellent Gimlet, containing just gin, lime and sugar syrup. Also perfect for those who enjoy a super citrusy Martini with a big twist of lemon – or yuzu if you’ve got it.

Tasting Notes

Soft, sweet nose of lemongrass, fresh apple, lime peel and a hint of white chocolate, along with a springtime essence of blossom and damp grass. Lime comes through strongly on the palate, followed by a complex flavour of spiced orange, tealeaves and piney juniper.

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