• Product Care

    Caring for your premium products isn't just good for them; it's good for the planet too. When you maintain your items, you help reduce waste and save money. Use our product care guides to keep your Urban Bar products at their best for longer.

Product care guides

  • Caring for glassware

    17 Oct

    Caring for glassware

    Care and attention is always recommended when handling and cleaning our glasses. Caring for glassware in the correct way will increase their lifespan, and ensure your drinks are represented in the...
  • Caring for crystal glassware

    19 Oct

    Caring for crystal glassware

    Crystal glass boasts a higher level of clarity and durability over standard soda-lime. In washing, crystal doesn't differ from soda-lime glass at all. Crystal can withstand the same washing regime...
  • Caring for branded glassware

    25 Oct

    Caring for branded glassware

    Taking proper care of your glassware is integral to increasing its lifespan. Receiving glasses with your own logo is a proud moment. You need to make sure you are effectively...
  • Caring for plastic drinkware

    02 Nov

    Caring for plastic drinkware

    Learn how to clean plastic drinking glasses and drinkware to increase their lifespan. Not looking after your plasticware can lead to unsightly cloudy cups. Make sure you get the most...
  • Caring for steel barware

    07 Nov

    Caring for steel barware

    When it come to a bartender's tools, they are like an extension of one's self. Keeping your barware in good condition helps you be at your most efficient. Learn how...
  • Caring for plated stainless steel

    09 Nov

    Caring for plated stainless steel

    Made from 18/8 stainless steel, our barware uses the more premium steel in the hospitality industry. Despite this high end construction, plated steel requires great care to maintain it to...
  • Caring for Oak Barrels

    20 Nov

    Caring for Oak Barrels

    Delving in to the world of barrel ageing spirits is an involving hobby. Barrel care is an important part of the process to ensure you get the most out of...