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Murmichan Absinthe - 50cl

Urban Bar


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Produced by Lost Loch Spirits, Murmichan is believed to be the first absinthe created in Scotland. Based on the Swiss absinthe style, the spirit uses a combination of traditional and Scottish botanicals including wormwood – which is an essential ingredient in absinthe – green aniseed, star anise and heather flower, as well as Royal Deeside heather, clover and willow herb honey.

Serving Suggestions: Murmichan is suited to both neat sipping (or the traditional serve of cold water dripped through a sugar cube) and cocktails such as the Sazerac (rye, absinthe, bitters and sugar) or Death in the Afternoon (Champagne and absinthe).

Tasting Notes

Very moreish nose of sweet aniseed, baked apple, lemon, fresh mint and old-fashioned cough drops. The palate is characteristically spiky (after all, this is a 64% ABV spirit), but layers of honey, fennel and green herbs give it an unexpected complexity. Bags of sweet, herbaceous flavour carry through to the finish.

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