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Kyrö Dark Gin - 50cl


Urban Bar

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Other Style Gin

Here we recommend some styles of gin that showcase the spirit in a different light. They include a sloe gin, an old Tom gin, a navy strength gin, and a cask-aged gin.

Cask-aged gin has been growing in popularity in recent years, giving drinkers a taste of complex wood spice. Often, cask-aged gins are matured for a number of months in oak, but other types of woods are also used. Such gins can be sipped on their own or used in a mixed drink. Kyrö’s gin takes on a golden colour and rich honeyed flavour in this cask-aged expression. To create Kyrö Dark Gin, the Finnish distilling team matures their wholegrain rye-based gin in American oak casks for three to 12 months.

Serving suggestions: Trying sipping neat with ice – you can always add a little sugar syrup to sweeten things up. You could also give your old fashioned a botanical twist by swapping Bourbon for Kyrö Dark Gin.

Tasting Notes

Sweet cola bottles and cumin on the nose with additional aromas of licorice, manuka honey and chamomile. The candied cola bottle aroma carries through to the palate, which also presents black pepper, vanilla and fresh red chilli with a fresh herbal element.

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