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Koskenkorva Vodka - 70cl

Urban Bar


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Finnish vodka Koskenkorva is made from barley that has been grown in the arctic climate of its eponymous village. Most of the grain used to make this vodka is sourced from within a 200km radius of Koskenkorva village, meaning it is a product with a true sense of place. Produced by continuous distillation, Koskenkorva Vodka is committed to sustainability, using the leftover barley husks to power its distillery, byproduct starch to turn into animal feed, and carbon dioxide to aid greenhouse cultivation.

Serving Suggestions: This vodka is delicious in pure, unfussy drinks, such as vodka and tonic or vodka and soda. Also try the brand’s Brewster cocktail, made with Koskenkorva Vodka, cold-brew coffee and maple syrup.

Tasting Notes

Pure, clean nose with a hint of fresh coriander and mint, as well as a slight licorice sweetness. Palate is quite dry with a wonderful woody spice and bursts of fresh red chilli and lemongrass. A warm sensation lingers on the finish, staying at the front of the palate.

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