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G4 Añejo - 70cl

Urban Bar


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Tequila Añejo

Again, the clue is in the name, with ‘añejo’ simply meaning ‘aged’. These Tequilas spend between one and three years in oak, which can translate into quite an impact on the relatively delicate flavours found in the raw agave spirit – especially if ex-American whiskey casks are used. This is a tightrope walk between agave and oak, with the finest examples allowing the former to shine while the latter contributes layers of complexity and secondary aromas. Sipping Tequilas for sure, but don’t be shy of a little judicious mixing in high-end cocktails too.

Tequila is a family affair for the Camarena family: while Carlos created Ocho, brother Felipe makes G4 at a Heath Robinson-esque distillery in Arandas, obsessing over quality details such as making sure the agave is baked from top and bottom to create even cooking. The emphasis is on the natural expression of agave character even when, as in this case, the distillate spends 18 months in ex-Bourbon barrels.

Serving Suggestions: Mix with care – there’s a lot going on here – or just sip and savour.

Tasting Notes

There’s a herbal, slightly vegetal edge to some bright lime and orange peel here, wrapped in a creamy, pepper-sprinkled texture. The vibrant fruit continues on the palate, with a hefty peppery kick and a drying, savoury finish with hints of sawmill. Charming on the nose, punchy on the palate, beautifully balanced and restrained.

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