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Four Pillars Spiced Negroni - 70cl

Urban Bar


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Modern Gin

In this section, we highlight a selection of exceptional gins that use innovative production techniques or unusual ingredients (or both) to give the spirit a contemporary twist.

From Australian distillery Four Pillars, based in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, this gin has been specifically designed with the Negroni in mind. The aromatic quality and spiciness of the original Four Pillars has been hiked up in this expression, resulting in exalted flavour intensity and additional body. The distilling team also uses the West African spice grains of paradise and Indonesian cubeb to enhance the gin’s complexity.

Suggested serves: A Negroni (obviously) made with equal parts Campari and sweet red vermouth. Try mixing with ice to dilute to your taste then pre-batching. The batched cocktail can be kept perfectly chilled in the fridge and doesn’t need to be served with ice, making it ideal for dinner parties.

Tasting Notes

Surprisingly sweet, fruity nose with hints of candied orange peel and sour cherry. Rich spice slowly evolves on the palate, while the more delicate floral/herbal flavours of lavender and fresh oregano shine. The finish is peppery but with a refined herbaceous quality.

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