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Elephant Gin - 50cl


Urban Bar

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Other Style Gin

Here we recommend some styles of gin that showcase the spirit in a different light. They include a sloe gin, an old Tom gin, a navy strength gin, and a cask-aged gin.

Navy strength gin is category with historical roots that must be bottled at a minimum of 57% ABV. The style gets its name from gin’s use by the Royal Navy in the 19th century, when sailors would test the strength of their spirits by attempting to light gunpowder. It was essential for spirits on-board to have a high strength so that if they spilt, gunpowder would remain explosive. Made in Germany using African botanicals, Elephant Strength Gin is an excellent example of the navy style. It contains double the quantity of botanicals used in the original Elephant Gin and shines a light on African buchu.

Serving suggestions: Great in a classic G&T with Indian tonic and lots of lime. Also makes an excellent Gimlet, made with gin, lime juice and sugar syrup.

Tasting Notes

Rich aroma of squeezed lime and grapefruit, with stewed fruits, cooked biscuits and roasted hazelnuts. Wonderfully oily mouthfeel with flavours of citrus, earthy juniper, black pepper and sage. Finish is long and spicy.

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