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Distillery Whisky Taster Glass with Gauge Lines and Watch Glass Lid 14cl


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The ultimate whisky tasting stemware, this graduated whisky tasting glass comes complete with a watch glass. Ensure you don't contaminate your nose with the aromas of the other whiskies in your tasting session. The 5cm watch glass lid sits neatly on top of this whisky taster to keep all aromas contained. Made from premium lead-free crystal, this spirit taster is made from a material with few impurities compared to standard glass. This gives a premium transparency, allowing you to inspect the colour and clarity of your whisky. Gauge lines numbered 1 to 4 run down the bowl of the glass. Add water to your whisky to these lines to get a full report of the altered taste during dilution.

Product Features:

  • Blown lead-free crystal glass
  • Stem helps retain temperature of contents
  • Narrow mouth to collect and direct aromas
  • Gauge lines, 1 to 4
  • Rounded bowl to swirl contents
  • Includes 5cm watch glass lid - trap whisky vapours in your taster glass - prevents evaporation, saving the angel's share in your glass
  • Dishwasher safe - see our Glassware Care Guide for more information

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