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Copalli White Rum - 70cl


Urban Bar

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Light Rum

In this section our rums are categorized as light as they are unaged, light in body or lightly aged then filtered through charcoal to remove the colour of the wood. They still retain an incredible amount of aroma, through fermentation, distillation or aging in oak barrels.

Copalli Rum is an organic rum made with 100-percent single origin; estate-produced sugarcane that is hand harvested by local workers. Made from the fermented sugarcane juice, Copalli White Rum is a blend of pot and column distilled sugarcane juice. After distillation, it’s rested on stainless steel for a period of time before being bottled.

Serving Suggestions: Try this light rum in a Daiquiri with a sparkling wine float, to add a little freshness garnish with a fresh mint leaf. Or try this Belize white rum with tonic, fresh grapefruit and a touch of agave nectar in a tall glass.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Copalli White Rum has a lovely aroma of fresh grass, sugarcane juice, citrus oils and a hint of vanilla. Its flavour is equally bright and fresh. There is a light creaminess on the palate, with a touch of white pepper, herbs, spices and citrus.

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