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Casamigos Reposado - 70cl

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Tequila Reposado

Reposado means ‘rested’, and these Tequilas spend between two months and a year in oak. Factor in different cask types and you end up with a broad range of styles: some reposados have just the lightest lick of oak to add a little honey and vanilla creaminess to the punchy agave, while others have a more Bourbon-y toastiness to them. These are the all-rounders of the Tequila universe – great in cocktails but, at their best, worth sipping neat too.

Casamigos is best-known for the celebrity gloss of co-founder George Clooney and the eye-watering US$1bn price tag attached to the Tequila brand when it was sold to drinks giant Diageo. Beneath the headlines lies a range of Tequilas that is uniformly excellent, thanks to a rather painstaking production process that includes long roasting and fermentation of highland agave. The reposado expression spends seven months in American oak.

Serving Suggestions: Of course you can mix this – it’ll make a classic margarita, and has enough oomph for a characterful bloody maria – but it’s also perfectly delightful served chilled and neat, or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes

The fragrance is typical of highland agave: subtle, floral (iris, violet) with a green vegetal streak and a pronounced kick of black pepper. The palate is all about texture – this is a Tequila with few sharp corners, while the slightly assertive oak adds a creamy sweetness without ever overshadowing the agave character. Clearly oak-influenced, but balanced.

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