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    Maximising Your Sparkling Wine Experience

At Urban Bar we love all things drink, whether that be the glasses we supply, the liqueurs, our passion for cocktails, you name it we dig it. 

In that we list, we are proud to include sparkling wine.

We’ve teamed up with Amanda Barnes who, very graciously, is helping us bring you a fantastic selection of English sparkling wines for use across our online store.

We thought we owed it to you guys to give you our take on how you can maximise your experience, by showcasing a few here!

Black Book GMF 2018 

Black Book GMF

Kicking off our list is this wonderful sparkling white.

With grapes hailing from Oxfordshire and described as a wild col fondo style Seyval Blanc, this Battersea winery takes a natural approach to their wine with little to no interference.

With a perfect full body and a creamy texture to die for, this wine is recommended for any and all dinner and social settings.

When it comes to serving, wide-rimmed glasses specifically for sparkling wine are highly recommended as well as ensuring it is thoroughly chilled.

If you’re looking to pick up on the amazing dinner accompaniment potential, we suggest fish, light meats, and sandwiches if you’re looking for a picnic setting.

Westwell Special Pink 2014

Westwell Special Pink

An excellent combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and a slight addition of chardonnay, this bubbly rosé is sure to tantalise your senses with its fantastic aroma.

As with the Black Book GMF 2018, the same serving conditions are recommended in terms of both glass and temperature.

The wide-rimmed glass will enable those aromas we mentioned to truly shine through in all their excellence.

While the wine is dry, allowing it to be used with many fish base dishes, it can also serve well for deserts with a fruity side, much like the wine itself.

All Angels 340 Sparkling Red 2015

All Angels 340 Sparkling Red

Yes, you read that right, a sparkling red! We assure you, it’s delightful.

Arriving from Newbury, Berkshire, this wine was named specifically due to its limited production, only producing 340 bottles that it so subtly hints at, so grab a bottle of this while you still can.

Unlike other red wines, you’ll also be wanting to serve this one chilled, but with a change in the glass. A sparkling wine flute or even a coupe glass is the way to go for this one.

This warming red goes perfectly with robust meats straight from the barbeque, with chorizo and sausages being two of our favourites. 

As an added bonus, you can even make it into a stunning mulled wine alternative.

If this has tempted you, consider checking out the rest of our brilliantly curated range of sparkling wines right here, or even some of our own wine glasses here! There is plenty of information available to get your taste buds going, with plenty of additional recommendations for temperatures, glasses, and dishes, as well as detailed descriptions of the flavours you can hope to experience.

Image:  Lenti Hill / Shutterstock.com

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