• Some of our hidden gems

    Some of our hidden gems

It’s no secret that we enjoy a tipple or two at Urban Bar - the clue is in the name! As experts on all things cocktail bars, we like to think we know our stuff, too. If you’re currently stocking your bar or are looking for new drinks for your alcohol cabinet, we’re here to help. We’ve put together our favourite spirits and liqueurs, providing you with plenty of inspiration and making your job a whole lot easier. Let’s dive in!

Koskenkorva Vodka

This crisp, clean Finnish vodka is undoubtedly a favourite. Why? Because it’s so versatile! Koskenkorva’s palatable taste makes it ideal for simple drinks, such as a vodka tonic, whilst it goes just as well in more complex cocktails, like a Harvey Wallbanger. The pure nose, subtle sweetness from the liquorice, and little bursts of spice combine for a warming spirit that we’d class as essential.

New World Whisky

Move away from the typical scotch and delve into unknown territory with the Swedish New World Whisky. An innovative take on a single malt, this spirit has been finished for over nineteen months in sherry casks along with a hand-picked selection of Japanese green tea leaves. To appreciate the full, aromatic flavour, we recommended starting with a neat sip before adding plenty of ginger beer to create a new take on the traditional Highball.

Berry Bros Kings Ginger Liqueur

This historical liqueur was first produced in the very early 1900s for King Edward, making it a royal drink for a refined palette. The Berry Bros Kings Ginger Liqueur has a beautiful golden hue and is ideal for a twist on an old cocktail favourite, such as a Negroni, or adds a kick of spice to mulled wine or cider. Sweet and syrupy but with a hit of unruly spice that kicks about in your mouth, the notes are followed by the gentle freshness of lemons. If it’s fit for a king, it’s fit for us!

Elephant Gin

Gin is one of the trendiest spirits in the UK right now, with whole bars devoted to this botanical alcohol! If you’re on the hunt for something new, we highly recommend Elephant Gin. A London dry gin that never disappoints, it has a diverse aroma of citrus fruits, sweetly stewed fruits, and a deep sweetness not unlike roasted hazelnuts. It has an exquisitely long, spicy finish and is divine in a Gimlet with plenty of lime!

Arette Blanco Tequilla

The Orendain family, creators of Arette, have been creating tequila since the turn of the 20th century right in the heart of the town of Tequila. Made from pure, estate-grown agave, it’s a pure and elegant tequila with a peppery nose alongside earthy and spicy notes. This is a spirit that packs a punch! This classic take works beautifully in any classic tequila cocktail, including margaritas and palomas. Or, serve neat and experience the full breadth of this divine drink

View Our Full Range of Spirits and Liqueurs

These are just a handful of our top choices, but we have plenty more! After years of testing and hand-selecting spirits and liqueurs for our collection, we’d easily recommend any that we have on offer. Start browsing our full range to find the ideal choice for your bar. 

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