• Are 'Ready to Drink Cocktails' The Next Big Thing?

    Are 'Ready to Drink Cocktails' The Next Big Thing?

When you’re mixing yourself a drink at home, you don’t always want a simple G&T or Whiskey on the rocks; But, mustering up the motivation to create a full-on cocktail after a busy day at work isn’t always easy! That’s exactly why we’re backing Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in 2023 and beyond so that you can have deliciously complex drinks whenever you want. 

What Are Ready-to-Drink Cocktails?

Also known as pre-mixed cocktails, these are bottled versions of your favourite cocktails that - you guessed it! - are ready to drink. They’re designed as an alternative to mixing cocktails at home, creating an easy way to enjoy a high-quality tipple without putting in the effort. You don’t need any equipment, any mixology know-how, or even any time! Just a glass, some ice, a mixer, and you. 

Who Could Benefit from Pre-Mixed Cocktails?

Anyone who enjoys a cocktail could benefit from ready-to-drink bottles. But, there are two particular categories of people who would love them the most:

- People with little time
- People who don’t know how to mix a drink

If you’re busy and don’t have 10-20 minutes every evening to fix a fancy cocktail, pre-mixed recipes will be a lifesaver. You can treat yourself to a bar-worthy drink from the comfort of your home with very minimal effort.

If you don’t know how to make cocktails, or you’ve tried but seem to fail every time, this is a great alternative. You need no skill or education to create gorgeous cocktails at home, and you can always start to better your mixology skills in the meantime!

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails at UrbanBar

As we said, our team at UrbanBar are totally backing Ready-to-Drink cocktails. Though we’re passionate about the art of mixology and will never give up the craft, pre-mixed options bring undeniable benefits and allow a wider range of people to enjoy a good drink without going to the bar.

We have a few options available to choose from, all crafted in Italy by expert mixologist Giancarlo Mancino. As fine as the original drink, we recommend giving all of them a try to discover your favourite.

Pre-Mixed Spritz Italiano

Tart and refreshing, this Italian drink is a favourite amongst those who don’t always want something fruity or sweet. Made from Vermouth di Torino Bianco Ambrato and Rinomato L’Apertivio Deciso, it’s a premium cocktail that’ll definitely impress. Simply blend your ready-to-drink Spritz Italiano with prosecco or sparkling water over ice, and garnish with an orange wedge for a beautiful short or long drink.

Pre-Mixed Espresso Martini

A favourite amongst cocktail lovers but notoriously tricky to get right, we love the pre-mixed Espresso Martini. Containing Vodka, Italian Coffee Liqueur, and vanilla essence, all you need to do is shake with ice before serving. An Espresso Martini has never been so easy!

Pre-Mixed Negroni

The Negroni is a cult sensation at the moment, going viral on social media and taking the younger generation of adults by storm. This ready-to-drink Negroni contains a beautiful blend of Vermouth di Torino, Rosso & Bianco, Rinomato Bitter Scuro and London Gin, creating a complex and delicious cocktail. Pour over large ice cubes and garnish with orange zest.

View the Entire Range 

If you’re intrigued by our pre-mixed cocktails, be sure to check out the entire range at UrbanBar. These bottles make lovely, thoughtful gifts as well as divine treats for yourself!

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