• Upgrade Your Glassware

    Upgrade Your Glassware

Upgrade Your Glassware

With Bridgerton about to drop this week on Netflix, ‘Why don’t you …’ take the opportunity to upgrade your glassware from regular to Regency.

As the world prepares for the second instalment of the third season of Bridgerton, we ask, ‘Why don’t you …’ take the opportunity to bring a bit more glamour to your glassware.

As Bridgerton shows us every season, fancy is the watchword. Sure, you can serve your cocktails in plain versions of a Coupe, Martini or Nick & Nora, but if you’ve made drinks for an event (like the end of the third season), then using ornate glassware will make the drink (and the event) that much more special.

Regency glassware was cut crystal at its finest, so finding authentic period glassware might be a bit of a mission (and will undoubtedly set you back a pretty penny). We suggest taking a leaf from Bridgerton’s book and putting a modern spin on it.

So try to find glassware in the period’s spirit (pun intended), with ornate details in its cutting and edging. After all, no matter what cocktail you’re drinking, you’ll find lavish glassware that makes everything feel fancier.

Urban Bar has designed a series of glasses that will highlight your drinks, and while there is no way to prove that elevated glassware will make your drinks taste better … rumour has it that it just might …

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Credit: Tiff Christie, CocktailsDistilled.com 11th June 2024

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