• Tom Hanks' Cokagne Cocktail - Is It Worth the Hype?

    Tom Hanks' Cokagne Cocktail - Is It Worth the Hype?

Tom Hanks' Diet Cokagne Cocktail has been the talk of social media since he first mentioned it early this year. A bizarre blend of champagne and coca cola, it’s certainly worthy of the attention it's received! But is this drink something we can get behind, or has Tom Hanks lost his palette for flavour? Let’s check it out. 

What is The Diet Cokagne?

Two of the most iconic bubbly drinks in the world are Coca-Cola and Champagne. One is fairly run-of-the-mill and can be picked up from any local corner shop in the world. The other is decadent and luxurious, often coming with a pretty hefty price tag. We must admit, our UrbanBar mixologists had never considered mixing these two polar opposites together! Why ruin a beautiful Champagne with Coke?

But, in Tom Hanks we trust! So, we wanted to go ahead and give the unconventional cocktail a go, and take you guys on the journey with us.

The Story Behind The Diet Cokagne

First things first, we need to delve deeper into the story that led to this odd invention. According to Tom Hanks himself, he usually drinks a Diet Coke with dinner rather than an alcoholic tipple. But at a family meal, Champagne was brought out and poured for everyone around the table. Hanks threw caution to the wind and asked for a shot in his Diet Coke - much to everyone’s horror, of course!

When he took a sip, he was pleasantly surprised. After passing it around the table, everybody else was won over, too, leading to the invention of The Diet Cockagne.

Get the Ingredients Right

This is a really simple cocktail to make, so it’s well worth a try. You need just two ingredients: Diet Coke and Champagne. 

Hanks says that any Coke will do, it certainly doesn’t have to be Coca-Cola. The only ‘must’ is it’s Diet. As a diabetic, he only drinks the Diet version of Coke and we’ll respect his wishes with the Diet version, too! 

In terms of Champagne, anything goes! Hanks leaves no notes, and we’d even go as far as to say that you could switch Champagne for a Sparkling Wine if you fancy it. Why not?

Trying the Tom Hanks Cokagne Cocktail

To make the cocktail, follow Tom Hanks’ ratio of 2 parts Cola to 1 part Champagne. We advise mixing in the glass to blend the two ingredients properly, otherwise, your first sip will be a mouthful of Champagne. 

The first sip, regardless, is likely to be odd, as you’re expecting a sweet Cola but instead are greeted by the tartness of the Champagne blending with the underlying caramel of the Coke. But, take another sip - and another! We found the more sips we had, the more we began to really enjoy the odd flavour combination. This definitely won’t be a cocktail for everyone, and we can’t say it’ll be on our repertoire of go-to drinks anytime soon, but it is worth tasting.

Uncover More Flavour Inspiration at UrbanBar

At UrbanBar, we’re all about trying new combinations and exploring interesting flavours. If you are too, then why not take a look at our extensive range of spirits and wines? The perfect place for inspiration, we’re sure you’ll find some interesting combinations to combine that may work out beautifully.

Image: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

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