• How to Style Your Vintage Drinks Trolley

    How to Style Your Vintage Drinks Trolley

A vintage drinks trolley is a home bar staple. Perfect for a quick tipple as you relax on the sofa or for bringing out to serve your guests, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that allows you to showcase your favourite barware. From elegantly old-school to wonderfully contemporary, how you style your trolley is entirely up to you. But, to give you some inspiration to get started, we’ve put together some of our expert ideas for a truly beautiful display piece.

Showcase Your Favourite Barware

Owning a vintage drinks trolley gives you the chance to showcase the very best of your barware collection. Most people choose to have a few glasses on their trolley, and we recommend choosing something a little different to bring some character to your display.

A couple of vintage 1910 Coupe Glasses, for example, add a subtle sophistication and are a definite talking point. A crystal Ginza Old Fashioned Tumbler is a heavier, more masculine choice that lends itself well to the old-school look of your trolley. Or, for a more contemporary approach, a simple Crystal Martini Glass for lovers of minimalism. 

It doesn’t just have to be glasses, either. Add to both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your antique drinks trolley with a few mixology essentials, like a Cocktail Jigger and Cocktail Shaker.

Select Your Best Bottles

It’s best to avoid cluttering your drinks trolley with an entire collection of bottles. Instead, choose your favourites or those with designs that best suit your aesthetic. Some beautiful bottles that are definitely worthy of being in the limelight include:

Choose Your Garnishes

When styling your antique drinks trolley, garnishes can make a vibrant, uplifting addition. A small bowl of oranges and limes, for example, provides a splash of citrusy colour. A mint plant is a fresh, bright choice that’ll make it easy to garnish your Mojitos or G&T. 

Add Decorative Items

Once your barware and bottles are in place, it’s time to jazz up your vintage drinks trolley with a few decorative pieces. Plants are a popular addition for drinks trolleys, with a thin palm or hanging Ivy adding a splash of colour and life to your display.

We also love the idea of ‘Drinks Trolley Books’ - not unlike the good old coffee table book, but with a mixology theme. Add a selection of beautiful books, like The Complete Home Bartender’s Guide or Pickle Juice Cocktail Book, for a laid-back, modern feel. 

Keep It Simple

If we could offer just one piece of advice for anyone styling a drinks trolley, it would be to keep it simple. You don’t want to pile every piece of barware you own onto your trolley and should be careful to keep colour mixing to a minimum. For a high-end-looking drinks display, focus on one colour palette and avoid clutter, focusing on a few spotlight pieces rather than your entire collection.

View Our Vintage Drinks Trolley

If you love the idea of displaying your barware, be sure to take a look at our selection of Vintage Drinks Trolleys at UrbanBar. With these tips, you’ll be ready to style yours as soon as it arrives!


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