• How to Make a Keoke Coffee

    How to Make a Keoke Coffee

For coffee lovers around the world, an Espresso Martini is the ideal mid-evening pick-me-up, whilst an Irish coffee is the perfect after-dinner aperitif. But have you ever heard of Keoke Coffee? A deliciously boozy brew, it’s not as mainstream as the other options but undoubtedly worth the attention! Learn how to brew your own with a little expert advice.

What Is Keoke Coffee?

Warming, sweet, and delicious, there’s nothing quite like cosying up on a rainy day with a mug of Keoke Coffee. A unique take on alcoholic hot drinks, it’s also fairly simple to make at home! A luxurious blend of brandied coffee and crème de cacao, it’s a sumptuous, velvety smooth drink with a strong, hearty flavour. It’s also fairly sweet, thanks to the addition of chocolate liqueur, which makes it perfect for those who love Irish coffee but have a sweet tooth.

The History of Keoke Coffee

As with pretty much every alcoholic drink or cocktail out there, the origins of Keoke Coffee are a little unclear. That being said, it’s almost certain that it was created by the owner of Bully’s North Steakhouse, George Bullington, in California. First brewed in 1967 one night in the bar, it was named Keoke after a colleague told George it was his name in Hawaiian (Keoki). 

An all-American drink with the flavour to match, Keoke Coffee has made its way to British waters and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity after influential bartender Jeffrey Moregnthaler brought it back to life.

Keoke Coffee Recipe

Now we know the history, it’s time for all of those of you wondering how to make a Keoke Coffee to see the full recipe! For a traditional brew, you’ll need:

- Hot filter coffee
- Coffee-flavoured liqueur
- Brandy
- Crème de Cacao (or any creamy chocolate liqueur)   
- Double/heavy cream (optional)

    Add crème de cacao and brandy to a coffee glass or mug, mixing with a little brown sugar syrup if you prefer a sweeter coffee. Top with hot, fresh filter coffee and leave room for a dollop of heavy cream. For best results, whip your cream using a milk frother for a light, velvety finish.

    Choosing the Right Brandy

    Brandy is naturally fruity and sweet, lending a more delicate taste to Keoke Coffee than you’ll find with Irish Coffee. When choosing your brandy, opt for something strong. We’d often recommend an ABV of 50% and above, though if you’d like a drink that’s a little less punchy, go for something like Rooster & Wolf, which is a more palatable 40%. If you’re more of a rum drinker, try switching brandy altogether for a sweetened rum, like El Dorado

    Keep Things Easy With an Espresso Martini

    If you agree that coffee and booze are a strong match but you don’t want to put in the effort of brewing and making a drink, we have the perfect solution: a Ready-to-Drink Espresso Martini. Bold in flavour but easy in effort, it’s the quickest way to fix yourself an after-work drink. 

    For more information on any of the products we’ve mentioned here, please do get in touch with us. When it comes to cocktails, barware, and a good old-fashioned drink, we’re always happy to help!

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