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Clement VSOP - 70cl


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Sugarcane Juice Rum

Most Rums are made from molasses, a by-product of making sugar. But in this section, we highlight a selection of exceptional Rums made from fresh sugarcane juice. Less than 5% of the worlds production of rum is made this way and the process yields a dramatically different product.

Clément VSOP is a Rhum Agricole made at the Rhumerie du Simon, one of Martinique’s oldest distilleries. The Rhum, made from local fresh sugarcane juice, has been matured for a year in virgin French oak barrels, before a further three in re-charred bourbon barrels. French spirits that have an A.O.C (controlled designation of origin) must be aged for a minimum of 4 years to be called VSOP.

Serving Suggestions: Rhum Agricoles work perfectly with citrus such a fresh lime juice but as an alternative try passionfruit or pink grapefruit with a touch of honey to sweeten. The classic Caribbean cocktail called a “Ti Punch Vieux”, Old Agricole, Lime & sugar, is also a tasty option.

Tasting Notes

The nose oozes creme brulee, cinnamon, vanilla, banana, and a light vegetal note that comes from the pressed sugar cane juice. There is also some vanilla notes with touches of sweet oak. On the palate there is sweet caramel banana, coconut, mint and basil. A medium to long dry finish of pepper, mint, basil and vegetal flavour are at the forefront followed by some vanilla and oak that arrives and leaves very quickly.

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