World’s First Stacking Gin Balloon Glass

Urban Bar have designed a space-saving gin glass with the world's first stacking gin balloon glass

With the rise of the gin balloon glass, a new problem arises with it. Storing the large balloon shaped gin glasses makes them impractical; placing multiple gin glasses side by side takes up a lot of shelf space.

The Gineva Gin Glass has been designed by Urban Bar with a unique stackable gin glasses design, never before seen in the vast array of gin balloons saturating the market.

World's First Stacking Gin Balloon Glass

Size Matters

In the 1940s, the Nick & Nora glass was introduced as an alternative to the wide and awkward martini glass. This narrower glass reduced the space taken up on shelves, allowing bars to keep more cocktail glasses front of house.

In a reverse of the Nick & Nora / Martini solution, the recent gin revolution has seen gin drinkers move away from a classic space-saving highball tumbler. The large balloon like gin glasses have reintroduced the problem of storage that was solved with the introduction of the Nick & Nora.

The Solution

The large copa de balon is perfect for adding garnishes and botanicals to alter and enhance the flavours of gins. And the extra capacity allows for extra ice, meaning it won’t melt as fast as when served in a highball, thus not diluting your drink. Due to the desirable features of balloon cocktail glasses, a change in shape and size isn’t a viable solution.

The new Gineva Gin Balloon takes inspiration in the Nick & Nora revolution of the 1940s, without compromising on the popular size and style of the gin balloon. A step at the bottom of the bowl allows the rim of another glass to sit neatly together.

World's First Stacking Gin Balloon Glass

Product Features

  • The World’s first stemmed balloon stackable gin glasses
  • Single Glass Height: 17cm
  • 2 Stacked Glasses Height: 25.5cm
  • Classic Spanish copa de balon style
  • Big capacity for mixers or extra ice
  • Luxury handmade finish
  • Elegant seamless pulled stem adds beauty and strength
  • Cut and polished rim for finer tasting
  • Dishwasher safe

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