Sharp and Dapper Smart Men's Style

Smart Men’s Style by Sharp and Dapper

Presentation is key in many areas of life. Good first impressions and positive self confidence can make your day so much better. As such, wearing the right clothing and keeping it smart throughout the day is a worthwhile consideration in many walks of life. Sharp and Dapper aim to keep you looking your best at all times.

This range of gentlemen’s undergarments accessorise with your clothing for an image of perfection.

Sharp & Dapper Braces

A timeless accessory, the elasticated Sharp and Dapper Braces offer a one-size fits all finish. These hand made braces match with tailored trousers, allowing them to hang as the tailor intended.

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Sharp & Dapper Shirt Stays

Keeping your shirt tucked in during your day needn’t be a worry with some shirt stays. Strap down the bottom of your shirt to maintain your smart image.

Shirt Stays
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Sharp & Dapper Sleeve Garters

Keep your shirt sleeves under control with the adjustable Sharp & Dapper sleeve garters. As stylish as they are practical, these elasticated armbands also make a great visual accessory when not wearing a jacket.

Sleeve Garters
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