Remembering Imbibe Live 2017

The Morning After the Night Before - Remembering Imbibe Live 2017

Every summer, the anticipation for Imbibe builds and builds, and Imbibe Live 2017 did not let us down! There’s the obligatory small panic while setting up; have we got enough jiggers? Where’s the charger for the card reader? But once the doors open, everything falls in to place.

We got to take a look at some of the amazing new drink brands making waves in the industry. And snuck in a few samples while the boss wasn’t looking! As with the past few years, the Urban Bar staff have favoured the increase in gin stands.

Imbibe Live 2017 Urban Bar Stand

It was great to see some of our existing customers, both as guests, and on their respective stands. Our products were represented throughout the show, in places other than our own stand. A couple of our resellers were touting our wares, and many of the talented mixologists were mixing up a storm with our barware.

It was especially good to make so many new contacts, with some exciting prospects ahead for Urban Bar. We can’t wait to pursue these new relationships!

If you want to continue your chat from the show, get in contact with us today. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.



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Urban Bar Brochure

If you missed out on picking up our 2017 brochure, don’t worry, a digital copy is available on our Brochure page. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us and we can pop one in the post for you,

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Imbibe Live 2018

We can’t wait until next year where we can introduce a new range of innovative products for you! See you same time, same place!

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