Gold Gin Mixer Glass Set

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Gin serving set with a large gin balloon glass and luxury gold barware accessories.

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Gold Gin Mixer Glass Set with Gold Jigger Measure and Gold Bar Spoon

Make the most of your gin cocktails with the Gold Gin Mixer Glass Set. This kit contains some of our premium barware and glassware so you can make and serve a gin cocktail in style.

Gin Mixer Glass

Our large gin balloon glass features a stunning design, with a large flat base bowl. This large bowl lets you serve plenty of your favourite gin, with plenty of room for ice and mixers.

Gold Ginza Jigger 25/50ml

The luxury Gold Ginza Jigger includes 2 measuring cups with 25ml and 50ml measures. Make your cocktails with precision with exact measures. This jigger also includes internal line markings at 15ml, 25ml and 45ml for greater variety.

Gold Classic Bar Spoon

This gold coated bar spoon is a classic European style cocktail spoon. With a luxurious gold coating that gives a toughened surface, this spoon lets you mix together your gin cocktails with a shimmer of glamour. The head of the spoon gives an approximate 5ml measure, letting you add small amounts of syrups, bitters and flavourings.

Set Contains:

Product Features:

  • Large bowl stem glass with jigger measure and mixing spoon
  • Easily mix up gin cocktails
  • Big capacity for mixers or extra ice
  • Premium barware made from Japanese steel
  • Gold barware is hand wash only, Gin Glass is dishwasher safe – see our Product Care Guide for more information

Please Note: All items are individually packaged.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 20.5 × 10.7 × 10.7 cm

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