Distillery Whisky Tasting Set

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Professional quality whisky nosing glasses and accessories to host your own whisky tasting.

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Professional Distillery Whisky Tasting Set

Experience whisky like a master distiller with the Distillery Whisky Tasting Set. Consisting of professional quality glassware, this whisky set is designed for premium whisky tasting.

Distillery Taster Glass 14cl

Our Distillery Taster Glass are made from lead-free crystal for premium clarity. This high quality material has less impurities than standard glass, giving a high transparency lets you truly inspect the colour and clarity of your spirit.
This nosing glass features a strong stem and foot, ensuring you keep your hand away from the bowl. Due to this, your body temperature won’t affect the whisky, and your own scents will be far from your nose while detecting the subtle scents.
A beautifully curved bowl gives the perfect swirl to awaken the whisky within. This wide bowl narrows up to a 36mm rim to concentrate the aromas towards your nose without losing too much to the Angels.

Watch Glass 5cm

Accompanying the glasses are some 5cm Whisky Watch Glass Lids. Place these essential accessories on top of each glass so at not to cross contaminate your nosing experience. When trying to detect the subtle aromas in your whisky, the vapours from your other glasses can greatly affect your results. In addition, the watch glasses act as a great way to trap vapours for a concentrated nosing.

Glass Water Pipette

After your initial whisky tasting, adding water will open up a new aromas. With such a small volume of whisky used during tasting, our glass pipette allows you to add water drop by drop. It is important to find the perfect balance of dilution, which makes the pipette and essential tool during tasting; adding too much water can break the delicate structure of the whisky.

Spey Water Jug

Whether diluting whisky with our glass pipette, or cleansing your palate between tastings, the Spey Jug keeps water on hand during your tasting session. This handmade glass jug boasts an aesthetic that emulates the shape of the Distillery Taster Glasses in this set.

Set Contains:

Product Features:

  • Collection of whisky tasting glasses and accessories, as used by the professionals
  • Blown lead-free crystal stemmed nosing glasses with a high clarity for inspecting the colour and clarity of your spirit
  • Stem helps retain temperature of contents by keeping your hand away from the contents
  • Narrow mouth to collect and direct aromas, and a rounded bowl to swirl contents
  • 5cm watch glass lid traps whisky vapours in your taster glass to prevent cross contamination of aromas, and prevents evaporation, saving the angel’s share in your glass
  • Pipette and water jug allows gradual dilution of your whisky to incrementally reveal new aromas and flavours
  • Dishwasher safe, but Urban Bar recommends hand washing all items to increase their lifespan

Please Note: All items are individually packaged, these products do not come boxed all together.

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