Cocktail Sampling Spoon 15cm


Small stainless steel spoon for sampling cocktails before serving, replacing wasteful plastic straws.

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Reusable Cocktail Sampling Spoon

Banish plastic straws from the cocktail sampling process with the stainless steel Cocktail Sampling Spoon. This small cocktail spatula allows a mixologist to taste their creation before being served to the customer, ensuring the final mix is only of the highest quality.

The old-fashioned cocktail sampling process involves the quick disposal of a non-compostable plastic straw. This form of cocktail tasting is wasteful and not environmentally friendly.
The Cocktail Sampling Spoon offers a reusable tool for scooping a small amount of liquid at a time. This spoon can then be washed and reused, helping reducing a bar’s waste, and impact on the environment.

Product Features:

  • Small sampling spoon for cocktails
  • Replaces the out of date process of using plastic straws
  • Reduces non-compostable waste
  • Premium 18/8 Japanese steel for high level of corrosion resistance
  • High quality material ensure longevity over standard steel items
  • Polished finish for attractive finish on the bar top
  • Dishwasher safe – see our Steel Care Guide for more information

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 15.00 × 1.45 × 0.9 cm

Urban Bar



Metal Properties

18/8 Stainless Steel, Japanese Steel, Polished Finish

Dishwasher Safe





Tissue Paper



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