Tin on Tin Cocktail Shakers

Range of premium tin on tin cocktail shakers made by Urban Bar

Choosing the right cocktail shaker can help you on the path to producing amazing cocktails. All our Tin on Tin Cocktail Shakers are made with our signature high grade Japanese steel. This gives them a premium shine, and a high level of corrosion resistance.

Benefits of a Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker:

  • Chill Faster – Steel has a greater cooling capacity than glass, meaning drinks will be chilled by the ice quicker than in a standard Boston cocktail shaker
  • Better Seal – The more flexible steel material has a better grip on a second tin than on a rigid glass
  • Tougher – Steel is more robust than glass – repeated drops and bumps will not break steel
  • Safer – When sealing and releasing a tin and glass, there is a possibility of the glass breaking if bashed too vigorously after long-term repeated use – there is no chance of glass shards with a dual tin shaker
  • Sounds Great – Ice moving inside a full steel shaker has a greater musical rattle than a thick shaker glass which insulates the sound
  • Longer Lasting – A steel shaker tin is shatterproof, far reducing the need to replace it
  • Easy to Open – Due to the tough material, the tins can withstand a tough tap to break the seal

Ginza Tin on Tin Cocktail Shakers

We developed the Ginza range of shaker tins to come as a pair. Sized to complement each other, the Ginza Tin on Tin Shakers feature a 22.75oz and 20oz tin. These shaker cans fit together snugly, creating a perfect seal.

Taking their name from the upscale district of Tokyo, the Ginza Cocktail Shakers represent the high end of mixology.

Choose from 4 colour finishes – steel, copper, gold, rose gold – to suit your aesthetic tastes. The Ginza shaker tins are all available individually allowing you to create different colour combinations.

Boston Tin on Tin Cocktail Shakers

With almost 40 years experience producing barware, even our basic Boston shaker tins are at a premium level. We developed a small 16oz shaker cup to replace the usual 16oz shaker glass that pairs with a Boston tin.

This range of shakers give you the benefits of a double tin shaker without the usual reduction in volume.

Unique Tin on Tin Cocktail Shakers

Why settle for a basic cocktail shaker when you can step up the visuals a bit? Our range of unique and unusual cocktail shakers gives you all the benefits of our premium Japanese steel with added visual flourish.

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