Product Launch – Bottesi Strainers

Urban Bar Launch Bottesi Strainers in the UK

New to the UK, Urban Bar have launched the Bottesi strainers. Meticulously hand made in Madrid, each of the 5 designs adds a bold presentation to mixology.

Alternative Imagery for a New Generation

These unique strainers feature imagery that lean towards religious iconography, mythology and the occult. Themes include, Ouija, palmistry, and the Freemasons, with the range taking the name of the ancient Greek oracles, Sibyl. Appealing to current aesthetic trends within the millennial bar industry, the Bottesi range finds its home amongst the “hipster” scene.

Reminiscent of tattoo design, these detailed pieces are intricate with a true artisan quality. Each strainer consists of one folded piece of steel, with no unsightly welds.

About Bottesi

The Bottesi company has its origins in jewellery design, but soon moved on to the world of barware. Bottesi have worked with brands such as Bacardi, Ophir, Monin, and Tales of the Cocktail, producing high quality, unique barware.

Product Features:

  • Unique limited edition cocktail strainers
  • Hand made in Spain
  • “Dark” imagery with religious and occult themes
  • Single piece 1.5mm 18/8 steel – no welds
  • Spring attached in a closed loop

Available Models:

UB3643 San Calavera Strainer UB3648 Palmistry Strainer
UB3641 Planchette Strainer UB3651 Tetra Strainer
UB3647 Eye Strainer

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