Gin & Tonic Cocktail Equipment

Gin & Tonic Cocktail Equipment for Making Cocktails at Home

A British classic, the Gin & Tonic draws its popularity from a simple recipe. Use our gin & tonic cocktail equipment to make and serve your favourite G&T. The ratios of a gin and tonic are always up for debate, and will depend on your own preferences. A good starting point is 1:2 in favour of tonic, and then you can alter this to suit your tastes.

Gin Balloon Glass

For more variation on the basic gin and tonic recipe, a large capacity balloon glass gives extra space for additional ingredients. Add different fruits, syrups, herbs and spices to yield a wide variety of results.

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What You Need to Make a Gin & Tonic

How to Make a Gin & Tonic

  1. Add 50ml gin and 75ml tonic water to a glass with ice
  2. Stir well
  3. Garnish with a lime wedge

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Showing all 17 results