Oak Ageing Barrel Care Guide

Caring for Oak Barrels

American White Oak Barrel Care Guide

Delving in to the world of barrel ageing spirits is an involving hobby. Barrel care is an important part of the process to ensure you get the most out of the ageing process.

Browse our barrel care guide sections to learn how to maintain the effectiveness of your oak barrel.

How to Cure an Ageing Barrel

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Curing an oak barrel is an essential part of the ageing process. If you don’t cure the barrel it will leak and absorb your precious spirit.

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How to Barrel Age Spirits

Follow our simple guide to learn how to barrel age spirits. Our American white oak ageing barrels give a toasty, smooth, caramel flavour.

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How to Clean an Ageing Barrel

Cleaning your ageing barrel can actually decrease its lifespan. Learn how to clean an ageing barrel the right way.

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How to Store an Ageing Barrel

The golden rule of barrel ageing is to never let your barrel dry out. Find out how to store your barrel effectively, ready for your next batch.

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Ageing Barrel FAQs

Barrel ageing spirits is a lengthy process, and it is important to prepare for the various eventualities. Read our Ageing Barrel FAQ to answer your questions.

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