Caring for Branded Glassware

Caring for Branded Glassware - Your Brand Identity

Taking proper care of your glassware is integral to increasing its lifespan. Receiving glasses with your own logo is a proud moment. You need to make sure you are effectively caring for branded glassware.

With our bespoke and branding services, we help shape your brand identity. When using glasses for tours, tastings, or gifts, they represent the front face of your business. It is important to keep your glassware POS at the highest level with a careful glass washing regime.

Ink Logo

Caring for Branded Glassware - Ink Logo

Logos with few colours are commonly silk screen printed. Glasses with silk screened logos must have great care and attention given to them. The ink is of course a separate entity to the glass, so there are chances of it being removed with repeated washing.

Always hand wash ink based logos with warm soapy water and a non abrasive cloth. It is not recommended to put glasses with ink logos in a glasswasher. But, if you must, please use a low temperature setting.

Decal Logo

Caring for Branded Glassware - Decal Logo

Similar to a silk screen ink logo, a decal is a separate piece applied to the glass. This makes it somewhat delicate with regards to repeated washing. Always hand wash glassware with a decal logo, using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Etched Logo

Caring for Branded Glassware - Etched Logo

Etched glassware can be treated the same as a standard undecorated glass. The etching process involves sand blasting the surface through a mask to leave the unmasked area rough. There is nothing added to the glass and nothing on the surface that can get removed during washing.

Laser Engraved Logo

Caring for Branded Glassware - Laser Engraved Logo

Like a sand blasted etch, laser engraved items can follow a standard cleaning regime like undecorated glass.

Coloured Glass

Caring for Branded Glassware - Coloured Glass

We use a spray colouring for our bespoke glassware. This is better than most coloured glass that use a lacquer film that comes off with little effort. We highly recommend hand washing sprayed colour glass. This material is dishwasher safe, however we would suggest using a low temperature and doing this very rarely.

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