Caring for Cast Iron Teapots

Cast Iron Teapot Care Guide

Styled after traditional Japanese tetsubin, our enamel coated cast iron teapots create a unique tea service aesthetic. Care for cast iron teapots properly to increase their lifespan.

Browse our cast iron teapot care guide sections to learn how to get the most out of your teapot.

How to Use a Cast Iron Teapot
Learn how to brew loose leaf tea in a cast iron teapot with our easy to follow guide. Discover optimum brew times for your tea.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Teapot
Cleaning a cast iron teapot can increase its lifespan. If looked after properly, an iron teapot can last a lifetime.

Cast Iron Teapot FAQs
If you want to know the answers to common questions about cast iron teapots, read our FAQ page for all the information.

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