New 1910 Glassware Range Extended

Urban Bar have extended the range of retro etched 1910 glassware by adding new shapes for gin, wine, beer and others.

The 1910 glassware included range of tumblers and stemware with a vintage inspired etched pattern around the body of the glass. In 2019, Urban Bar have extended this range to cater for a full drink service. The new 1910 glassware range now includes a gin balloon, a martini glass, a stemmed beer glass, and wine & champagne glasses.

New 1910 Glassware at Urban Bar

Premium Quality

All glasses in the 1910 range boast the same high level of quality in their manufacture and design. Made from lead-free crystal, these glasses give a high level of clarity. Due to this transparency, the drink inside has a brilliant window to show off either clarity or colour.

  • Elegant Prohibition era aesthetic with etched pattern inspired by classic Pall Mall glassware
  • Lead-free crystal – FDA approved glass with no toxic additives
  • Thin walled bowl gives lightweight finish to drinkers
  • High transparency – lasts up to 1500 industrial glasswasher cycles (nb – gold-plated pattern is not dishwasher safe)
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Elegant seamless pulled stem adds beauty and strength
  • Laser treated rim for resistance to chipping

Social Media

First launched in 2013, Urban Bar’s 1910 range of glassware has proved popular with vintage styled bars. The 1910 pattern is inspired by Art Deco design, and can be found in bars all over the world.
The stunning pattern is popular for social media sharing, visually complementing drinks, and adding decoration to ungarnished drinks.

Other Recent Additions

This new collection of 1910 glasses comes not long after Urban Bar launched 2 new ranges of glass that included the 1910 pattern.

In September 2018, we launched our own range of Nick & Nora glasses. This range included a 1910 Nick & Nora, as well as a plain version, gold rim version, and 1920 version.

The new design Coley Coupe range was launched in January 2019, and similarly offered a 1910 Coley Coupe, alongside 1920, plain, and gold rim versions. The Coley coupe is a new design by Urban Bar, combining a small serve coupe, and a classic margarita shape.

Nick & Nora 1910 Glass 17cl

Coley 1910 Coupe 17cl

More Retro Etched Glassware

In addition to the 1910 glassware range, Urban Bar also offer two other styles of etched pattern. Browse our vintage inspired 1890 and 1920 lead-free crystal glassware with the links below.

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