Negroni Recipe

Negroni Recipe - Learn How to Make a Classic Negroni Cocktail

A colourful and sweet mix of a Martini and an Americano, this Negroni recipe gets you started with a classic.
The small amount of labour involved in a Negroni make it a popular choice for making cocktails at home. Made of equal parts gin, vermouth, and Campari, the Negroni also requires few tools. Add the ingredients straight to a glass over ice and stir, then garnish with an orange slice. No shaking or straining required.

Negroni is a popular cocktail for barrel ageing. Due to the faultless 1:1:1 ratio, you can add a this cocktail to any size vessel. Ageing barrels have a charred oak interior that mellows the tones of a Negroni. The smokier, smoother flavour adds another dimension to the already popular cocktail. Remember to use a fine strainer when dispensing a barrel aged cocktail, in case any pieces of the charred walls end up in your glass.


  • 30ml Gin
  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml Sweet Red Vermouth


  • Orange Slice



  1. Add ice cubes to an old fashioned tumbler
  2. Add 30ml of gin, 30ml of Campari and 30ml of sweet red vermouth to the tumbler
  3. Stir to mix ingredients
  4. Garnish with half an orange slice

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Shop for Negroni Cocktail Equipment


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