How to produce the perfect gin and tonic this summer, even in lockdown

For many Brits, a G & T is the perfect way to wind down, especially in the summer. But creating the perfect, definitive, most delicious drink takes more than ice and a slice. Here’s our summer solution for the best gin and tonic ever…
How to produce the perfect gin and tonic this summer, even in lockdown

1.  Quality gin

We had a blast judging at the World Gin Awards 2020, prior to lockdown. Among the winners were Marylebone Orange & Geranium Gin, named “World’s Best Flavoured Gin” and Bathtub Gin, getting the gong for “Best Compound Gin”.

Everyone has their favourite, with Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire being right up there for UK gin drinkers. There’s plenty of choice, so why not go exotic if you feel like it.

Premium tonic

Whatever else you do, don’t skimp on your tonic. It’s up to 75% of what’s in your glass so be adventurous and get yourself a couple of selection packs to try different flavours.

Tonic water has an interesting history dating back to the early 19th century when quinine powder was used to treat malaria. It was so bitter that the powder was mixed with soda and sugar…. and tonic water was born!

2. Decent glasses

Drinks glasses trends come and go all the time. Gin aficionados have seen more than their fair share of variants over the years from the traditional highball to oversized balloon glasses.

Remember, you get what you pay for, so steer clear of cheaper, thinner glasses as they are prone to break all-too-easily.

We love these stylish stemmed gin glasses, ideal for keeping your gin and tonic cool on a hot day.

3. Jigger

As any good cocktail maker knows, getting your gin-to-tonic ratio right is really important – and there’s more to it then simply following the old two-thirds to one-third rule.

A typical mix ranges from 25% gin to 75% tonic to a stronger mix of 35% to 65%. It all depends on taste so you can go either way. Try out our jigger to measure out the perfect amount of gin just as you like it.

4. Ice – lots of ice

Ice is an absolute must for gin and tonic, and again there are tons of options. How much should you use? Crushed or cubed? Ice in first or last?

Our top tips: always place ice in the glass first, right up to the top and use cubes not crushed ice. And yes, it really does improve the taste, so make sure you keep plenty to hand in an ice bucket.

5. Ice tongs

There’s a lot to be said for perfect presentation. So while you might not be too worried if you’re only making a gin and tonic for yourself, if your guests are mingling while you’re mixing, you can’t be without some good quality ice tongs.

We can’t promise your G & T will taste better, but handling ice with ice tongs like these is a standard part of a bar tender’s kit!

6. Drink stirrer

The perfect gin and tonic needs a quick stir before it’s served to get the flavours infusing in the glass before serving.

Check out this elegant Japanese steel drink stirrer, ideal for use in a high ball or stemmed glass.

7. Garnish

If you want to give your gin and tonic an extra WOW factor, look beyond ice and lemon and go for garnish. It adds to the taste of your drink and the extra colours provide a vibrant look.

There’s a huge amount of debate about this, but rule of thumb is to use garnish as a complement.  There are plenty of recipes around but for starters check out this set of perfect gin and garnish pairings.

8. Final word

We all know about the damage plastic is doing to the environment.

So instead of plastic, check out these re-usable bamboo straws as an alternative. They’re environmentally friendly and super-cool to go with that perfect gin and tonic this summer. Definitely a talking point too!


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