Gold Rimmed Cocktail Glasses

Gold Rimmed Cocktail Glasses

Range of Lead-Free Crystal Gold Rimmed Cocktail Glasses

Heighten elegance in your drink presentation with the Gold Rimmed Cocktail Glasses.

A key part of mixology is aesthetics. From the tools used, to presentation of the mixologist themselves. Each element of the performance is part of a service given to the drinker. The finale is the drink itself, and that drink needs a suitable platform to complement your hard work.

Key items from Urban Bar’s popular stemware collection now have an extra touch of elegance. Framing your drink, our Gold Rim Glasses highlight the contents in the centre, adding a new dynamic to your serve.

These gold rimmed drinking glasses represent the finest of our standard glassware. Each one made from lead-free crystal, giving the glass itself a premium finish, regardless of the gold rim. A high level of transparency on the material gives your drinks the finest window for visual appreciation.

Reinvent Your Garnishes

Acting as a pre-applied garnish, the gold rim on these glasses forces you to rethink your presentation. You no longer have a blank canvas to work with, the reflective gold will inspire your creativity with new visual flourishes.

Product Features:

  • Range of vintage cocktail stems with gold plated rim
  • Made from lead-free crystal
  • High transparency to accentuate the colour of the contents
  • Premium elegance for single serves
  • Cut and polished rim for finer tasting
  • Pulled stem – seamless for premium visual appreciation
  • Hand wash only – see our Glassware Care page for more information

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