Gold Coated Bar Tools

Discover Urban Bar's premium gold colour PVD coated bar tools

Urban Bar’s Premium Gold Coated Bar Tools

At Urban Bar we specialise in producing high quality bar tools. Our barware goes through a stringent design process to ensure only the best designs reach market.

In addition, we source the finest 18/8 Japanese steel which gives a high level of shine and great corrosion resistance.

To match these premium aspects, our gold barware utilises a reinforced titanium nitride coating. It is this coating that gives the bold gold colouring, as well as a toughened surface.

Titanium Nitride Coating

You may have heard of titanium before. Due to its low density and high durability it gets used for a wide range of applications. From spacecraft, going through a wide range of extreme conditions and temperatures, to replacement hip joints that need to exist alongside organic matter. Titanium is arguably the king of metals!

As a compound, titanium nitride can be applied as a coating to our premium Japanese steel.

PVD Gold Coated Barware

We use a process called PVD (physical vapour deposition), which applies a vacuum coating of titanium nitride to our steel bar tools.

Whereas a gold plating is a layer that sits on top, PVD gold coating bonds with the material underneath. Because of this, gold plating will scratch more easily and has a shorter lifespan.

While the PVD process gives a fantastic finish, this is reflective of the material it is applied to. Our material is catering grade steel sourced from Japan for the finest finish. When we apply the gold coating it represents the steel with a brilliant polished shine.

Where is PVD Titanium Nitride Used?

  • Jewellery – due to the bright gold colouring and durability, items such as watches benefit from this coating
  • Drill Bits – some drill bits have a gold coated titanium nitride tip to make it more hard-wearing and increasing its lifespan
  • Electronic Components – titanium nitride has excellent conductivity and can withstand the extreme nature of electrical currents
  • Bathroom Fittings – premium metal bathroom fittings benefit from the high end gold colouring, and the coating can withstand the heat that comes from taps and faucets
  • Mechanical Components – fluctuating temperatures in car engines and jet engines require that elements are PVD coated to increase their lifespan

PVD Gold Coating Benefits:

  • Extremely durable – titanium is used in spacecraft manufacture due to its durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions
  • Corrosion resistant – better resistance to everyday use behind the bar, lasts longer against citrus juices and alcohols
  • Premium appearance – polished look of real gold without the expense of gold plating
  • Lightweight – low density, lighter than gold plating
  • Consistency – PVD vacuum application process gives consistent coating over the bar tool


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