Freepour Bottle

Designing the Freepour Bottle to Solve a Common Problem

The Problem

In 2008 mixologist Paul Martin was having problems in his record breaking attempt to make the most cocktails in an hour. The inlet air pipe on his juice freepour bottles kept blocking and cutting off the flow of liquid. Later he told us about the problem and suggested that a hole in the shoulder of the bottle would allow air in freely but too far from the outlet to block.

Urban Bar Freepour Bottle

The Solution – The Urban Bar Freepour Bottle

We studied other products on the market and saw many areas that we could improve to produce a more efficient pourer. After many samples and much testing we introduced the Freepour bottle in late 2009.

Freepour Bottle 1 Litre

Its advantages are:


  • Only three pieces: coloured top, storage base and matching coloured storage lid.
  • 1.08L brim full: not a US quart i.e. 95cl so a 5% less waste of juice !
  • Air intake hole on shoulder prevents blockages and allows smooth flow of juice.
  • Rigid, semi transparent, wasted body: easy grip, prevents flexing and spillage when filling.
  • All pieces go straight into the glass washer, so no more dismantling pouring spouts, soaking and cleaning pipes
  • Textured neck for easy grip.
  • Fits all speed rails.
  • The plastic is not brittle so tops less likely to break when dropped.
  • Choice of 6 new colours

The Result

The Urban Bar Freepour makes a barman’s life easier. This registered design is now seen as the ultimate juice dispensing container and has yet to be bettered.

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