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Ice Bucket: Jug for Whisky Tasting


Urban Bar

SKU: SB2057

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Complete your whisky tasting service with this ice bucket & jug set. This stunning set features a glass jug that docks on top of the accompanying glass ice bucket. Keep your water gently chilled for either diluting whisky or serving alongside it. The round glass ice bucket is ideal for keeping your water jug chilled. Alternatively, pair it with some Ice Tongs to add ice cubes to your drinks.

Bucket Properties
Dimension Metric Imperial
Volume 65cl 22.88 UK fl oz
Height 98mm 3.86 inch
Width 110mm 4.33 inch
Depth 110mm 4.33 inch
Jug Properties
Dimension Metric Imperial
Volume 50cl 17.59 UK fl oz
Height 108mm 4.25 inch
Width 140mm 5.51 inch
Depth 116mm 4.57 inch

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