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8 Unique Cocktails to Try in 2023

8 Unique Cocktails to Try in 2023

By now, we’ve all had our fair share of Mojitos and even the odd Pina Colada here and there. The list of well-known, frequently-drunk cocktails is long. But, the list of unusual, unique cocktails is even longer! If you’re looking to branch out this year and drink outside of the box, we’ve put together some beautiful, wacky, and totally outrageous cocktails for you to fix.

1. Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea cocktail

Falling under the beautiful category is this gorgeous Butterfly Pea Tea cocktail. Butterfly Pea is a type of violet-coloured flower that, when infused, creates a deep blue-toned tea! Strong in colour, it makes the perfect base for a cocktail that’s ready to impress. It doesn’t have the strongest flavour, though, so you’ll rely on the added alcohol to bring the taste to the table.

We recommend adding prosecco or champagne, along with a punchy, fruity liquor. Or, mix with gin and lavender for a more subtle, light flavour. If you add a squeeze of lemon, you can also watch the drink change from deep blue to sweet violet, which is a fabulous party trick!

2. Earl Grey Gin Cocktail

Earl Grey is a staple of the Great British tea diet. Now, though, you can enjoy it in an alcoholic beverage with this Earl Grey and gin cocktail! To make a pitcher, combine 180ml of cold Early Grey tea with 40ml of a smooth British gin, like Chase GB Gin. Add around 7ml of lemon juice (freshly squeezed, if possible), 30ml of honey syrup, and a couple of fresh lavender sprigs. Shake together in a cocktail shaker and pour over one large ice cube for a deliciously British drink.

3. Cherry Bakewell Mimosa

If you love a cherry bakewell, you need to shake yourself up a glass or two of this delicious cocktail. It’s easy to make, too! Add maraschino cherry juice, amaretto, and prosecco into your cocktail glass and top with a cherry or two. A twist on the classic mimosa, it’s a unique drink that’s perfect for a sweeter palette and is just the right amount of fruity.

4. Scratch Restaurant’s Red Seal of Shimoda

Created for Scratch Restaurants, this is a cocktail that’s inspired by Japanese culture and specifically crafted to pair perfectly with sushi. We’re already hooked! The base of the cocktail is a good Japanese whisky, such as Nikka From the Barrell. Japanese whisky has been gaining a lot of prominence in recent years, so if you haven’t tried one then now’s your chance!

In a shaker, combine 45ml of whisky with 30ml of pomegranate juice and a generous splash of port. Add a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice before shaking and straining into a cocktail glass. Voila!

5. Coffee and Cola

Cold summer cocktail

From the slightly weird side of town is the Coffee and Cola cocktail. Not a normal mix of flavours by any standard, but one that does work! To create yours, add 30ml of Rye Whisky, a dash of aromatic bitters and chocolate bitters, and a dash of vermouth to 30ml of espresso. Combine with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake until chilled. Strain over ice and top with icy cold Cola. We know it sounds bizarre, but give it a go and see what you think.

6. Chilli Pepper Aperol Spritz

Ready to spice things up? A fiery twist on the classic Aperol Spritz, this cocktail starts with a wine glass filled with ice. Mix together Aperol and prosecco in equal measures, combined with soda water. Then, grill some sliced oranges and fresh red chillies until charred, using both as a garnish for your drink. It’s a simple but creative drink and one that will certainly take your guests by surprise!

7. Manhattan Ice Cream Float

We’ve had the Earl Grey cocktail, now it’s time for something a little more American. Enter the Manhattan Ice Cream Float! Perfect for cooling down on a summer's day as a little after-dinner dessert, this drink is certainly too good to resist. 

Start with ice cream and a Bourbon Whisky - we love Michter’s No1* - and combine in a blender. Place back in your freezer to firm up, and in the meantime, whisk together heavy cream, sugar, bitters, and vermouth until it forms peaks. Place in the fridge when ready to keep cool. Next, pour cold cherry soda into a tall glass with ice. Place a scoop of ice cream into each glass and top with cream and maraschino cherries for a delicious drink!

8. Honey Paloma Cocktail

Honey Paloma cocktail

A Honey Paloma cocktail is as gorgeous in colour as it is in flavour. If you’re a lover of tequila, this one’s for you! 

Start by half-filling a pitcher or a mixing glass with ice before pouring in 60ml of red grapefruit juice and a good squeeze (or two) of fresh lime. Add honey syrup before topping with 60ml club soda, leaving room for 60ml of tequila. We absolutely love Storywood Reposado Speyside Tequila, and its punchy, well-rounded flavour makes it perfect for a Honey Paloma. Stir well and add slices of fresh grapefruit and lime for a fresh, zesty cocktail that’ll keep you cool on a summer’s day.

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