• Japanese Barware

    Japanese Barware

During the Meiji Era in Japan, the Empire opened its doors to the rest of the world and invited in all the wonders it had to offer - including cocktails! Whilst America’s cocktail scene continued to thrive, Japan got its first taste of Manhattans and Mojitos. Now, the country is famed for its mixology, and we’ve curated a range of barware to celebrate their unique take on alcohol mixing.

Japanese Barware

Our Japanese barware collection incorporates premium cocktail-making tools. Inspired by traditional Japanese pieces and modern Asian design, it celebrates the unique take that Japan has put on mixology. Let’s dive into the collection!

Japanese Cocktail Shakers

Our Japanese cocktail shakers come in two main styles: the Baron Yukiwa Shaker and the AG Cocktail Shaker. The Baron Yukiwa Shaker is a popular choice amongst Japanese mixologists due to its lightweight and comfortable hold, and it’s a fantastic choice for a hard shake. It also comes in a range of styles, including:

- Gold and polished steel
- Gold and matte steel
- Full gold
- Round top

The AG Cocktail Shaker is produced in Japan and is another go-to for bartenders. A three-in-one with a round body, this is a shaker that doesn’t disappoint. 

Japanese Jiggers

Mr Slim Jiggers are an iconic part of Japanese barware. Crafted from high-quality 18/8 Japanese steel and in an exquisitely slim design, they look as wonderful on the bar as they feel in the hand. Our Japanese jiggers come in a 30/60cl measure, 30/45ml measure, and 30/45ml Gold.

Japanese Ice Picks

Ice picks are a traditional piece of Japanese barware, not as commonly used in the Western world. These picks are used to chip away at ice blocks, breaking up the ice to add to the drinks. It’s the old-school method of mixology, and one that adds plenty of charm to the cocktail-making process. 

We have a number of different ice picks in our Japanese collection. If you’ve never used one before, the Standard 3 Spike Ice Pick is a good place to start. Ice chips and ice balls are easy to create, and the ergonomic design provides plenty of comfortable grip as you use them. We also have a mahogany-stained Heavy 3 Spike Ice Pick, which is far weightier for a higher impact. 

The handmade Single Spike Ice Pick with a beautiful beech wood handle is ideal for breaking up larger blocks of ice into smaller sections and is a weighty tool with plenty of power. Or, opt for the beautifully crafted Beehive Single Spike Pick, which has a gorgeous beech handle inspired by beehives. 

Japanese Cocktail Knives

How could we curate a Japanese barware collection without adding Japanese knives? Highlighting some of the finest craftsmanship in Japan, we’ve selected three premium knives to elevate your bartending. 

The Damascus Steel Bar Knife is crafted from 37 layers of high-quality VG-10 cobalt alloy steel for unmatched durability and sharpness. Precision cutting is a breeze with this gorgeous knife, which has been hardened and tempered for the perfect finish.

The Soba Kiri Knife was originally invented for chefs making noodles, but can also create exceptionally straight sheets of ice. Simply place the knife on your ice block and use a wooden mallet to see it in action.

The Nokogiri Ice Saw is a true example of Japanese excellence. In a unique curved handle design and crafted with high-quality stainless steel, it cuts through ice blocks with ease. If you’re looking to impress your customers, this is the knife you need!

Discover More at Urban Bar

If you’ve enjoyed learning about our Japanese Barware, be sure to explore more at Urban Bar and uncover more about our premium tools. If you have any questions about the barware we’ve spoken about here or anywhere else on our website, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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