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Fortaleza Blanco Still Strength - 70cl

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Tequila Blanco

Aged Tequila may command higher prices, but to many connoisseurs this remains the purest expression of Tequila, taken straight off the still or aged for up to two months. Also known as plata or silver, blanco Tequilas tell the story of their origins – in terms of the agave and the production methods used – with no oak to cover any faults.

Fortaleza has only been operating since 2005, but the family behind it can trace its origins back to Don Cenobio Sauza, the ‘father of Tequila’, who opened his first distillery in 1873, established Sauza Tequila and was one of the pioneers of the drink’s global reputation. The aim at Fortaleza is to make Tequila using the methods of a century ago – small brick oven, tahona, fermentation in wood and copper pots – and the result is a blanco Tequila of uncommon complexity and character, with the unmistakable agave character amplified in this cask strength bottling.

Serving Suggestions: The exuberance of this distillate carries it far beyond traditional margarita and paloma territory to twists on any number of classic cocktails, including negronis and imaginative highballs.

Tasting Notes

There’s haystack aromas and white pepper up front, but this is all about the fruit, which is ripe, bright and sumptuous. Pineapple chunks and mango continue onto the opulent palate, where a whisper of earthiness and a pinch of anise carry through to an elegant, persistent finish. Classy.

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