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Duppy Share Spiced Rum - 70cl

Urban Bar


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Spiced Rum

In this section we recommend Spiced rums that are a sub category of real rums that have been flavoured with spices through infusion or maceration. Traditionally rums such a there would have been made locally in rum producing countries for medicinal purposes. It has been said that Spiced Rum is the new Gin.

A fruity spiced rum from The Duppy Share. The Rum is a blend of young distillate made in Jamaica (Worthy Park and in Barbados (Foursquare). It is then infused with pineapple, kola nut and Caribbean spices to create its unique flavour profile.

Serving Suggestions: A must in a tall carbonated drink such as a highball, and a must if your favourite drink is Spiced Rum & ginger beer or ginger ale. If Daiquiris are your thing then try a Spiced Pineapple Daiquiri using fresh lime juice & pineapple infused syrup with a sprinkle of nutmeg as garnish.

Tasting Notes

On the nose there is an explosion of sweet spicy riped pineapple and kola nuts, the predominant flavours for this spiced rum. On the palate the pineapple and kola nuts continue but slowly make way for ginger, hints of vanilla, cloves and nutmeg. The Duppy spiced is not cloyingly sweet, thus the finishing spiced flavours are not masked by a layer of sugar syrup.

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