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5 Ideas For Your Garden Bar

5 Ideas For Your Garden Bar

Summer is well underway, with hot weather and rain-free days giving us plenty of opportunities to relax in the garden. If you’re entertaining this year, spice things up with a garden bar. The perfect way to kick back with a drink this summer, it’ll transform the way you use your garden. To give you some inspiration, take a look at these ideas.

1. Organise Your Drinks Station

A garden bar isn’t complete without a drinks station. If you don’t have a set drinks area, you can easily create a portable station with a drinks trolley or even a wicker tray, embracing natural materials in your outdoor space. Add a few of your favourite bottles and mixers, ice buckets and jugs, and some garden-proof barware. Decorate your station with plants, garnishes in little bowls, and anything else that fits the aesthetic of your space.

2. Create a Herb Garden for Your Bar

Many cocktails and spirits can benefit from herb garnishes and your garden provides the perfect spot for a herb garden. What better way to finish your drinks than with freshly picked herbs? Add a few pots of mint, rosemary, and basil to your bar for multi-functional decor that serves a worthy purpose.

3. Try a Cocktail Kit Bag For Outdoor Mixology

If you’d like to try your hand at outdoor mixology and really impress your guests, take a look at our Cocktail Kit Bag that you can fill with barware for your garden bar. It’s the perfect thing to keep your tools safe and in one place, allowing you to move your mixology equipment in and out of the house with ease. Once you have your own, you’ll never look back!

4. Use a Window Ledge

A garden bar doesn’t have to be extravagant or take over your outdoor space. It doesn’t even have to be permanent. If you have a wide window ledge, you have the perfect base for a temporary garden bar. Simply add your bottles, glasses, and garnishes to your ledge and set up a couple of stools for a quick fix.

5. Incorporate a Chalkboard Menu

Gardens are an inspiring place for a mixology enthusiast. If the abundance of flowers, herbs, and bright colours has got you experimenting, be sure to add a chalkboard to your bar. You can use it to detail the names and ingredients of your cocktails for your guests, allowing them to choose the drink that best suits their palette. In our opinion, a chalkboard is a garden bar staple.

Browse Our Barware

Creating a garden bar is fun and exciting, especially if you’re a mixology enthusiast! But don’t make the mistake of taking your best pieces outside. Instead, browse our barware to find new tools specifically for outdoor use. Not only will you be less bothered if your outdoor tools get a little dirty during the day, but it’ll also be far more convenient when you’re setting up to have your barware ready. 

If you have any questions about the products we’ve mentioned here, or anything else on our website, do get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.


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