Bottesi Cocktail Strainers

Summon the Spirits with the Bottesi Cocktail Strainers

To use the Bottesi cocktail strainers is to accept your dark side. Hand made by a Spanish artisan craftsman in the Catholic city of Madrid, these dark strainers are treading a fine line between piousness and the occult.

Sure to appease both gods and spirits alike, the Bottesi cocktail strainers consist of a single piece of highly detailed steel.

Bottesi Cocktail Strainers

Embrace Your Dark Side

Meticulously hand worked to perfection, the artist’s soul exists in each piece. Once these unique artefacts create their demonic elixirs, Bottesi grows more powerful in the spirit world.

“A long time ago, I met a man who told me that the only way to be happy is to accept yourself. What he stressed was that we have to accept even the dark part of ourselves. That face we hide. The side we deny exists. For that reason, the one who chooses our tools, makes a small exercise of acceptance of the dark side of the human soul.”A. Bottesi

Deal With Your Devil

Join the cult of Bottesi and add some black magic to your mixology. Delve in to the shrine of the Bottesi range below and pledge an offering to join us.

Bottesi San Calavera Cocktail Strainer
Bottesi San Calavera Cocktail Strainer
Hand made cocktail strainer with dark religious imagery.

Product Features:

  • Unique artisan cocktail strainers
  • Hand crafted in Spain
  • Single piece 1.5mm 18/8 steel
  • Spring attached in a closed loop
  • No welds
  • Dark imagery, reminiscent of religious, mythological and occult themes
  • Dishwasher safe

Bottesi Cocktail Strainers