• Caring for steel barware

    Caring for steel barware

When it come to a bartender's tools, they are like an extension of one's self. Keeping your barware in good condition helps you be at your most efficient. Learn how to clean stainless steel barware to increase their lifespan.

Premium steel

All Urban Bar barware is made from our signature Japanese 18/8 steel. This is the higher quality of the 2 types of steel used in the catering industry. Because of this, our barware can withstand a high level of cleaning without hindering the quality. All steel items can and will receive scratches and scuffs during use. Use your barware with care, and clean it properly afterwards to help maintain the appearance for longer.

First use

It's recommended to wash any barware before first use. While all manufacturing processes are clean and safe, there may be dust from the packaging that settled during transit. This of course won't enhance your drinks in any way, so be sure to clean your barware before you use it for the first time.

Recommended cleaning

All our steel (non-plated) bar tools are dishwasher safe, however we always recommend hand washing.

  • Wash with warm soapy water
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth
  • Leave to air-dry - cloths can retain grease and become a breeding ground for germs

Knowing you have taken good care of your steel bar tools will give you the confidence that your mixology will be at its best.

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