Plastic Pitchers

Decorated MOQ:
  • 250pcs
Bespoke MOQ:
  • 1000pcs
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • SAN
Decoration Type:
  • 1-6 colour print
  • Spray
  • Emboss
  • Coloured Plastic

Branded Drinks Pitchers for Cocktails and Beer

Urban Bar’s innovative stacking pitchers are not only easy to handle and scratch resistant but their unique stackability saves approximately 60% space. All our plastic pitchers can all be fully branded.

Bespoke Branded Pitchers

Bespoke Branded Pitchers

Bespoke Branded Beer Pitchers

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Plastic Pitcher Branding Service

As standard we offer our own unique design of plastic pitcher, with stackable options. We can CE mark our pitchers to the pint for use with beer and other measured drinks.
If you need something unique to fit your brand, please get in contact with us and our team will help create something to match your brand identity.

Fresco Stacking Pitcher 2.28 LitreSB7001

Lined and CE Marked at 4 Pints
Fresco Stacking Pitcher 1.7 LitreSB7002

Scandia Stacking Pitcher 2.28 LitreUB7015

Lined and CE Marked at 4 Pints
Scandia Stacking Pitcher 1.2 LitreUB7109

Lined and CE Marked at 2 Pints
Scandia Stacking Pitcher 1.7 LitreUB7093

Urbano Straight Jug 1.2 LitreUB870

Lined and CE Marked at 4 Pints
Straight Sided Pitcher 2 LitreSBB011

Full Handled Jug 1.5 LitreSBB071

Square Pitcher 2 LitreSBB312