Bar Tools

Decorated MOQ:
  • 50pcs
Bespoke MOQ:
  • 1000pcs
  • 18/8 Stainless steel
  • 200 Series stainless steel
  • Aluminium alloy
Decoration Type:
  • 1-6 colour print
  • Spray
  • Plating
  • Emboss
  • Coloured plastic
  • Engraving
  • Vinyl coating

Branded Barware for your Promotional Requirements

Our range of bar tools features everything needed to make virtually any drink. Urban bar will design, develop and produce your own branded barware to create a unique brand POS. All of the items shown in this section can be fully decorated to promote and support drinks brands. Some of these items hail back to the beginning of mixology and others are at the cutting edge.

Wide Choice of FinishesPolished, Brushed, Plated, Coated, Sprayed, Etched…

Our experience producing barware for the world’s largest drink brands gives us expert knowledge on a multitude of finishes.
Small QuantitiesPersonalised Laser Engraved Bar Tools

If you need a small run of branded bar tools, then we offer in-house laser engraving on our steel items. Perfect for gifts, or for individual bartenders, buy now for delivery in 3 to 5 working days.

Engrave Our Barware Now

Custom Branded Barware

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Luxury Barware

Browse our collection of premium steel barware, including everything you will need to make cocktails. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need a new design to fit your brand identity, get in touch with us today.


Hawthorn StrainerUB23 – Steel
UB23G – Gold Coated
UB324 – Rose Gold Coated
UB3080 – Copper Plated

Calabrese Hawthorn StrainerUB122 – Steel
UB122CP – Copper Plated

Julep StrainerUB42

Fine StrainerUB92

Biloxi Julep StrainerUB42-01 – Steel
UB42-01G – Gold Coated
UB42-01RG – Rose Gold Coated
UB42-01CP – Copper Plated

Biloxi Fine Strainer ShortUB2944 – Steel
UB2945 – Copper Plated

Biloxi Fine StrainerUB2941 – Steel
UB2942 – Copper Plated

Big Biloxi Fine StrainerUB2646

Aero JiggerUB3162 – 25/50ml CE Steel
UB3302 – 25/50ml CE Copper Plated
UB3046 – 25/50ml Gold Coated
UB3047 – 25/50ml Rose Gold Coated
UB3167 – 20/40ml CE Steel
UB3264 – 20/40ml CE Copper Plated
UB3173 – 1oz/2oz Steel
UB3291 – 1oz/2oz Copper Plated

Ginza JiggerUB108 – 25/50ml Steel
UB3083 – 25/50ml Copper Plated
UB108G – 25/50ml Gold Coated
UB380 – 25/50ml Rose Gold Coated
UB117 – 1oz/2oz Steel
UB117CP – 1oz/2oz Copper Plated

Coley JiggerUB3277 – 25/50ml CE Steel
UB4500 – 25/50ml Steel
UB4500CP – 25/50ml Copper Plated
UB4500G – 25/50ml Gold Coated
UB4500RG – 25/50ml Rose Gold Coated
UB3223 – 1oz/2oz Steel
UB3224 – 1oz/2oz Copper Plated

Glass Jigger MeasureUB3758

Classic Jigger 25/50mlUB111

Hammer Jigger 25/50mlUB53

Pearson Paw MeasureUB836

Beck Jigger 25/50ml CEUB3271

Classic Bar Spoon 27cmUB102 – Steel
UB102G – Gold Coated
UB326 – Rose Gold Coated
UB3078 – Copper Plated

Drop Bar SpoonUB4041 – 30cm Steel
UB4044 – 40cm Steel
UB3075 – 30cm Copper Plated
UB3077 – 40cm Copper Plated
UB4043 – 30cm Gold Coated
UB4046 – 40cm Gold Coated
UB4042 – 30cm Rose Gold Coated
UB4045 – 40cm Rose Gold Coated

Trident Bar SpoonUB869 – 30cm Steel
UB882 – 40cm Steel
UB867 – 30cm Copper Plated
UB881 – 40cm Copper Plated

Aero Bar Spoon 28cmUB3220

UB Pro SpoonUB4415

Bottle Opener Bar Spoon 32cmUB4314

Measure Bar Spoon 28cmUB24

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Muddler Bar Spoon 28cmUB1033

Muddler 24cmUB93

360 Muddler 24.5cmUB837

Stainless Steel Lime Squeezer 22.5cmUB611

Heavy Duty Alloy Mexican Elbow Squeezer 22.5cmUB3924

Ice Tongs 16.5cmUB3131

Cocktail Garnish Tongs 25cmUB4223 – Steel
UB4223CP – Copper Plated

Multi MeasureUB107

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Ice ScoopUB97

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