Award Season Party

With the most glamorous awards ceremony just around the corner, we take a look at our most Oscar-worthy glassware and barware as used in the world's top venues

Perfect for hosting your own award season party, browse some of our award-worthy products that would surely win a golden statue of their own.

Best Costume Design

Awards Season Glassware - Retro Fizz 1910 Cocktail GlassPhoto taken by Thomas Alexander Photography

As seen in German Gymnasium, London

The bar team at The German Gymnasium in Kings Cross, London, utilise Urban Bar glassware for maximum visual effect. The highly decorated cocktails produced by the Meister Bar upstairs at the venue are a testament to London’s position as a hub for world leading mixology.

Our Retro Fizz 1910 Cocktail Glass takes its inspiration from vintage Pall Mall glassware produced in the early 20th century. Popular with a wide variety of venues, the classic etched pattern lends itself to bars aiming for a retro aesthetic.

Best Newcomer

Awards Season Glassware - Ginza Pilsner Glass

As seen in LaLit, London

Not one to stick to convention, LaLit have taken our new Ginza Pilsner Glass out of its comfort zone to serve cocktails. This prestigious London hotel will teach you a thing or two about cocktails in their Teacher’s Room bar.

Immediately proving popular when it joined our catalogue in 2017, our cut crystal stemmed beer glass has shown itself to be very versatile.

Best Visual Effects

Awards Season Glassware - Crystal Spey Whisky GlassPhoto taken by Justin Tsucalas

As seen in The Elk Room, Baltimore, MD

Taking your drinking experience beyond oral pleasure, The Elk Room treat you to a visual spectacle as well.

The Spey Tumbler has been a popular glass for many years at Urban Bar, made for whisky tasting, but used for a wide range of drinks. The sleek copita shape directs aromas up towards the nose, and apparently directs lit liquor in the same direction!

Best Breakthrough

Awards Season Glassware - 3-Spike Ice PickPhoto taken by Thomas Alexander Photography

As seen in Quaglino’s, London

The decadent retro club vibe of Quaglino’s in St. James’s make it an ideal venue for Urban Bar’s range of unique barware and glassware. With live music on stage, the entertainment continues off-stage with world-class bartenders creating a show as they make your drinks.

The ultimate ice-breaker comes in the form of our 3-Spike Ice Pick. Coming direct from Japan, this essential bar tool brings the refinement of Japanese bartending to British bars.

Best Set Design

Awards Season Glassware - Retro Fizz 1890 Gold Cocktail GlassPhoto taken by Matt Austin Images

As seen in Dr. Ink’s Curiosities, Exeter

Coming to prominence in 2017 with best bar and best drinks list awards, Dr Ink’s Curiosities have exploded on to the mixology scene with a unique visual flair. Live out a wild Victorian sideshow fantasy in this Devon bar sure to feature on the World’s Best Bars list soon.

Matching perfectly with the Victorian decor, our Retro Fizz 1890 Gold Cocktail Glass is the perfect vintage vessel for serving their rum-based Baobab Daisy cocktail.

Best Ensemble Cast

Awards Season Glassware - Premium Barware

As seen in Bound by Salvatore at The Cromwell, Las Vegas, NV

Our good friend Salvatore Calabrese has his name on various bars around the world, with his Bound bar situated in The Cromwell hotel in Las Vegas. Of course the Calabrese range of barware makes up a large part of the tools used at this premium cocktail bar.

Working together makes jobs so much more fun. Which is why our barware comes together time and time again to create the perfect mixology set. At Bound they utilise a wide selection of our premium glassware and barware to make an unstoppable drinks service from start to finish.

Best Glass in a Supporting Role

Awards Season Glassware - Glass Quaich

As seen in Fitzgerald & Faulkner, Graham, NC

With a name that references some of the greatest writers of the early 20th century, Fitzgerald & Faulkner is the perfect home for our vintage styled glassware.

Making waves in the Urban Bar shop, our Glass Quaich is a unique vessel that offers new serving opportunities. Favoured as a gift, the Quaich has found a home in Fitzgerland & Faulkner as a supporting act, backing up our other glassware as a unique candle holder!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awards Season Glassware - Koto Old Fashioned Tumbler

As seen in a variety of roles across the world.

An undoubted star of the Urban Bar range, the Koto Old Fashioned Tumbler makes regular appearances in a wide variety of bars around the world. This cut crystal tumbler stands out from the crowd with its unique pattern, high level of clarity and durability.

List of Winners

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