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50% Off Aero Jigger

Aero Jigger Offer

Aero Jigger Offer – 50% Off With This Exclusive Online Discount

Summer is upon us, and whether the weather agrees or not, it’s still a great excuse for a gin cocktail! To help you get mixing, we’re offering you an exclusive Aero Jigger offer when you buy our Gin Balloon Glasses.

Buy 6 or more Gin Glasses and you can claim 50% off the Aero Jigger!

Spanish Gin & Tonic Balloon Glass 80cl
Spanish Gin & Tonic Glass 80cl
Gin Balloon Glass 60cl
Gin Balloon Mixer Glass 60cl

How To Claim

  • Add 6 or more Gin Balloon Mixer Glasses (UB817), or Gin Mixer Glasses (UB818) to your basket.
  • On the basket page you will see a popup with the offer details
  • Click “Yes Please! Add the Aero Jigger to my basket
  • The Aero Jigger (UB3162) will then be added to your basket with 50% off the retail price as listed on the website.

Terms and Conditions


  • If you start with less than 6 Gin Glasses in your basket and then increase the quantity on the basket page to 6 or more you will need to refresh the page to ensure the offer appears
  • When the offer is declined it is then hidden from you during that session. If you change your mind and want to accept the offer after declining, you will have to close your browser and reopen it again
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